Livestock’s Impact on Corn

Corn producers in Illinois depend on livestock production.

  • Feed use of corn in Illinois was approximately 121 million bushels for the year Sept 2005 – Aug 2006:
  • 8 million bushels used by dairy
  • 22 million bushels used by beef cattle
  • 79 million bushels used by hogs
  • 9 million bushels used by poultry
  • 3 million bushels used by other livestock
  • Illinois hog production alone uses 70 million bushels of corn per year.
  • The decline in hog production since 1992 means Illinois producers must sell 25 million bushels of corn outside the state.
  • If Illinois’ hog inventory had not declined from 6 million head in 1982 to 4.1 million head in 2002, corn usage would have been almost 36% higher.
  • Pork production is one of the largest consumers of corn.
  • The 8.7 million hogs marketed in Illinois in 2002 consumed 136 million bushels of corn.
  • Using the 2002 statewide average production of 136 bushels/acre, 1,000,000 acres of corn were consumed by market hogs in Illinois.
  • Corn producers benefit from pork production in Illinois through higher prices.


Illinois created 1,006 thousand metric tons of DDGs (a by-product of ethanol production) in the year Sept 2005 – Aug 2006.  As ethanol production increases, DDG creation will increase, and Illinois will need livestock to consume it.

If the decline in livestock production in Illinois is not slowed or reversed, Illinois corn producers will continue to become increasingly dependent on sales to markets outside of the state.

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