Livestock’s Impact on Soybeans

Soybean producers in Illinois depend on livestock production.
  • Soybean producers benefit from livestock production in Illinois through increased prices and more market opportunities.
  • 94% of the soybean crush goes to feed livestock, so it is vital that the livestock business be maintained and grow in the Midwest.
  • Feed use of soybean meal in 2003/04 was approximately 31 million bushels.
  • Illinois hog production alone uses 20 million bushels of soybeans per year.
  • The decline in hog production since 1992 means Illinois producers must sell 7 million bushels of soybeans outside the state.
  • If the Illinois hog inventory had not declined from 6 million head in 1982 to 4.1 million head in 2002, soybean usage would have been almost 36% higher.
  • In 2002, Illinois marketed 8.7 million head of hogs that consumed more than 985 million pounds of soybean meal.
  • Beef and dairy production also use significant amounts of soybean meal and protein.










If the decline in livestock production in Illinois is not slowed or reversed, Illinois soybean producers will continue to become increasingly dependent on sales to markets outside of the state.

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