Myth #1

Livestock odors will cause asthma in my children (air quality)
  • Opponents say “Children attending school near a large scale livestock operation have greater risk of developing asthma”
  • In truth, according to the National Institute of Occupational Health “Exposure to endotoxins and fungal spores found in the air around livestock facilities appear to have a protective affect against Atopic Asthma.
Did you know that the principle causes of childhood asthma are mold, dust mites, secondhand smoke, cockroaches, cats, dogs, and pollution from cars, all of which are found in most households?

Myths and Facts on Livestock Expansion Illinois

Myth #1
Livestock odors will cause asthma in my children (air quality)

Myth #2
Livestock operations will pollute my groundwater (water quality)

Myth #3
Antibiotic resistance is a result of modern livestock production.

Myth #4
Facilities don’t have established procedures or plans to avoid or handle spills, runoff, etc.

Myth #5
Use of manure in pivot irrigation spews the smell everywhere.

Myth #6
Toxic chemicals are emitted from livestock facilities. 

Myth #7
My property value will decrease if a livestock operation locates next to or near my property. 

Myth #8
Our local roads can’t handle the weight of the heavier trucks that livestock operations require.

Myth #9
Livestock operations dispose of dead animals in unsanitary ways.

Myth #10
Livestock operations raise animals in harmful and inhumane ways.